Friday, 10 September 2010

I've been poisoned by someone famous

Well here I am gorgeous people. Still alive! Amazing really after my week of severe illness. I was poisoned sweetie and it was horrific.

Last weekend I attended a dinner party at a very famous pop star's house. It was wonderful darlings. I was squeezed inbetween a socialite and a sports star turned TV presenter. Rock Star sat next to one of the Loose Women. I didn't need to keep an eye on him this time because he goes for younger women.

So we gorged ourselves on exquisite food. I'd actually starved myself all day so I could enjoy the feast. After several nightcaps we staggered home (luckily we live within walking distance). I twisted my ankle in my Louboutins but Rock Star was unable to carry me because he did his back in after a stage dive in 1988. So I had to drag myself home and into bed and thought that was the last of my worries.

Well my darlings, it's safe to say the toilet bowl and I have been well acquainted for most of the week. The doctor only came out twice in the end, despite me informing his receptionist I was at death's door. He confirmed it was food poisoning but that was all he had to say. Can anyone recommend someone else in Harley Street?

Apparently a pop star turned actress was hospitalised after being ill too. Very famous pop star is embarrassed and has fired his cook. He sent me a gorgeous bouquet of lilies in the week so he's forgiven.

My guts are aching and I'm weak from lack of food. I've lost so much weight and I'm looking fabulous on it!

Bon weekend lovelies xx


  1. OH! Darling ! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. If he sent you lilies perhaps he thought you died !

  2. You got me worried when I read this Karen darling, so I rang him and it turned out he thought I had! So sad about him having to go to prison *sob* x

  3. Oh sweetie what rotten luck! No wonder alcohol has been off limits! Still like you said, on the plus side all that weight loss without having to starve yourself on apples!! Hope you feel better now x


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