Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lifestyle tips for busy mums: the supermarket

SupermarketI continue with my series of Lifestyle Tips darlings. So many of you have got in touch to say how useful you find these tips. So all I can do is continue writing them sweetie! Mwah.

This time I'm going to talk about the supermarket. But before I start I have a confession to make darlings. I never go to the supermarket. However, I believe I'm able to tap into the minds of ordinary mums with such empathy that I can still provide good advice on how to tackle the supermarket. And reading this, gorgeous mums, I'm sure you'll agree.

My first rule for visiting the supermarket is: don't take the children. Leave them with the nanny. It's just not worth the headache trying to take the children with you. They get bored and hassle you to buy things. They cramp your style.

I believe life is a catwalk sweetie and this means you need to look good even in the supermarket. You never know who might be there or when your photo might be taken. A well chosen outfit makes all the difference, you don't want to look like you actually work there do you darling?

Just as you need to look good, your basket or trolley also needs to look good. Buy quality brands, choose your cheese, coffee and wine very carefully. Your goods need to have some refinement and show some degree of selection and class. This can be learnt darlings, believe me. My Dad worked in a chip factory but I worked my way up.

You may be wondering where I buy my consumables. Well I have a gorgeous organic hamper delivered to me every Tuesday and I pick up my store cupboard items in Fortnum & Mason. Actually my PA usually picks those up but I will do it occasionally. I believe I need to maintain some connection with the food I eat and where it's from.

That's all for now my beautiful people. I hope you found my tips useful busy mums! More from me soon. Mwah xx

Photo credit: are supermarkets seriously as depressing as this picture?

Thursday, 7 October 2010

An update on my staff

Well gorgeous people, you're probably wondering how my staffing is going. I had that disaster in the summer with my night nanny leaving after I blogged about her. There have been endless run-ins with my personal trainer and I had to get rid of the dog walker after she started screwing with the labradoodle's head (that doesn't sound right for some reason).

I never did get round to replacing the night nanny, I actually started getting up in the night by myself! It was hard darlings, let me tell you. It does nothing for your beauty sleep having to get up in the night and tend to the baby. But I managed it and Tulip sleeps through most nights now. I sleep trained her you see, much better than that night nanny.

The personal trainer is still making me do 50 minutes of interval training each day and 40 minutes of weights. He's made me give up cigarettes and alcohol and he's desperately trying to take my espressos away from me. He'll never manage it in a million years darlings. He's cruel. He's a cruel, bitter man. In fact I'm suddenly wondering why he's on my payroll? Oh because he helps me have a fabulous figure darlings! You wouldn't believe I've had four kids.

Walking the dog is hard work, but after my shoe dilemma I decided on some Hunter wellies. Now I've never worn them before in my life but Kate Moss showed me photos of her Glastonbury look when she was with that Babyshambles bloke and there's nothing quite like teaming up a bit of Stella McCartney with wellies. If Kate can do it so can I.

I still don't see eye-to-eye with the nanny, she smells strange to be honest. Not unwashed, just an odd choice of perfume. I keep meaning to buy her a bottle of J'adore. But Gabriel and Tulip lover her, so what can I do? I put my children first darlings, always.

Oh must dash actually, Patsy Kensit's at the door. Ciao ciao for now xx