Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Revealing the title of my new book!

So exciting darlings! I'll reveal the title after I've given you an update on my week. As usual, things never run smoothly in the CM house. There I was enjoying London Fashion Week and I attended an intimate little designer soiree after hours last Thursday.

Well I don't know what happened because I wasn't even drinking. But somehow I twisted my right ankle after powdering my nose (I don't use that as a euphemism any more in case you were wondering. Well actually it is a euphemism for going to the toilet but not that other thing which it is a euphemism for. I digress), I blame Jodie Kidd because she was beckoning over to me at the time and I tried to walk too quickly. That Jodie doesn't even need to wear heels she's so tall. Pah.

Anyways, I had to be carried to my car. So embarrassing sweetie. And then I was laid up for two days! Last Friday saw me stretched out on the sofa with Gabriel and being subjected to CBeebies. What is Waybuloo all about darlings? Can someone explain? Although I do have a soft spot for Balamory. There's something about Archie the Inventor isn't there? The quietly spoken posh ones are always the worst.

Thankfully my ankle is better now darlings, thank you for asking. And after four days in flats (bleugh) I am finally elevated again.

And now for my book title! Sweetie, my book is called 'Diamond Nights'! This is for two reasons:
1. I loved that song 'Diamond Lights' by Glen Hoddle and Chris Waddle. It reminds me of being with Actor Ex-Husband (who I still hold a torch for, it only ended because he was gay)
2. My favourite drink for years was 'Diamond White'. Especially mixed with Malibu. That's how I got pregnant with Leaf. Such fond memories.

So it's going through some final edits, but hopefully Diamond Nights will be in a bookstore near you very soon sweetie! And in case you need reminding, here's the synposis:

"Fi Fi is a beautiful actress with a terrible secret. She's torn between two men she truly loves: Fabio the singer and Benjamin the actor. Fi Fi has to navigate her way through the celebrity world never really knowing if anyone is who they claim to be. And there's a wealthy media mogul who seems to have it in for her. As she battles with negative media exposure, her lovers, a shoe addiction and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fi Fi embarks on a path into her past which yields up a tragic family story which changes her life forever."


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