Monday, 19 July 2010

A cautionary blogging tale

Oh dear darlings, something terrible happened with my night nanny. You know I was thinking of firing her? Well she fired herself because she read my blog saying I was going to fire her. I think I must have left my blog post up on the laptop and she saw it. She shouldn't be looking at what's on my laptop but it's pointless worrying about that now because she's left.

So this is a cautionary tale to fellow bloggers. Always be careful what you write on your blog sweeties because you never know who might read it. My blog is anonymous but I suppose there was enough information for the night nanny to realise it was me. And it was on my laptop.

This is ultimately a good thing because what's the point in having a night nanny who falls asleep? However it means I need to find a new night nanny and in the meantime I have to get up at night if Tulip wakes! Last night she woke at 2am. It was horrendous darlings. She was crying about I don't know what and didn't go back to sleep until 2.20am. I'm so tired this morning I can't tell you.

So if anyone knows of a night nanny looking for work darlings then do let me know. And I have this big photoshoot at my house tomorrow for a Christmas feature. I'll look horrific and will be horrific if I don't get a proper night's sleep tonight.


  1. A cautionary tale indeed for all of us with night nannies. *looks around fruitlessly* Oh. ;-)

  2. @Sandy Calico: darling, as I've said on twitter I really feel for you not having any staff. It must be very tough. Maybe making some cuts elsewhere in your household budget may free up some money for a woman what does?

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